Warehouse Picking Strategies Guide [Download]

When it comes to warehouse picking strategies, unfortunately, there isn’t a one size fits all approach. Most often one picking strategy in combination with one or more of the additional picking methods is utilized to reach the goals of the operation. To determine which of these order picking strategies is right for you, many factors need to be considered.

Factors to include when determining warehouse picking strategies:

    • Order profile
    • Percentage of single line item orders
    • Material flow in the facility
    • How and when orders are released to the system
    • Ability to flex labor during slow and busy times
    • Physical layout of the facility including order picking, consolidation, packing and shipping areas


As a result of the ecommerce boom, there has been a shift from picking full cases and pallets to picking “eaches”… as fast and accurate as possible. Here, we’ll review the options relative to piece picking or picking “eaches” for order fulfillment. These order picking strategies do translate to case picking or pallet picking, but with modifications for larger sized handling.


The Three Warehouse Order Picking Strategies we will Review in Depth are:

  1. Pick and Pass
  2. Parallel Picking
  3. Wave Picking

We'll also discuss how batch picking, cross picking, and pick-to-light can enhance the above picking strategies to provide your operation even greater efficiencies.  To learn how these order picking strategies can improve your picking accuracy and pick rate, click the link below to download our "Warehouse Picking Strategies Guide."

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